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National Dance Clubs Rapid City – (Formally Gotta Dance) is a full time and fully staffed professional dance studio and club. We provides instruction in Ballroom styles of social partner dance. While primarily for adults, teens are welcome, to come learn to dance and keep fit. National Dance Clubs Rapid City is centrally located at 412 Oshkosh St in the “Gap” area of Rapid City, SD with plenty of free parking.
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Professional Dance Floors

You’re worth it! National Dance Clubs has professional dance floors – what does that mean? It is cushioned and sprung which is important as we age, get a little heavier, have arthritis, stiff achy joints or old injuries acting up. It’s our investment in you. Tile on concrete or even a wood floor on concrete is still on concrete and not so good for your joints and feet. The studio boasts a 48 X 34, cushioned hard wood professional dance floor (same as Dancing with the Stars),  a smaller (27 X 23 floor) more intimate studio for private lessons or small groups and a (23 X 23) clogging/tap floor all with mirrors and sound systems.

Dance Packages

Combination of Private Lessons, Group Classes and Practice is the optimal way to learn to dance. Our dance packages include private lesson(s), weekly group classes, practice parties or dance parties. Also, includes use of the studios for practice whenever they are not otherwise in use during studio hours. Click here to schedule a lesson today!

We don’t just teach you A dance, we teach you TO DANCE!!! Learning dance is like learning to ride a bike or driving a car. At first you have to concentrate and think about what you are doing….eventually though, as you learn, it happens without thinking about it at all. It becomes subconscious and though it may become rusty without use, you will never forget it. Once you know how to dance you own it for life! What a wonderful skill to have! And yes, we teach rhythm and balance along with our steps! Take your first steps today! Click here for information about introductory lessons.


Private Lessons

Private Lessons are the most efficient way to learn to dance, you have the instructors undivided attention, immediate feedback, and you will learn the dances, steps and patterns at your own pace.  

Private Lessons also work well if your schedule doesn’t allow for weekly group classes.  Our lessons are scheduled at your convenience and cater to busy schedules. Also, private dance lessons give you the opportunity to develop your skills in private while you overcome newcomer nerves.

Combination of Private & Group lessons and Practice will get you dancing proficiently and confidently the quickest.  Check out our Weekly Dance Party for practice and fun.


Group Classes

Groups classes are where you will have the most fun learning to dance and making new friends. Group Lessons, while you will learn the same things in a group class that you would in a private lesson, you will go at the pace of the class and dance mostly with your peers for feedback.

It is the nature of a group class to have 1 or 2 that might like a little faster or slower pace they both are good candidates for private lessons.

Combination of Private & Group lessons and Practice will get you dancing proficiently and confidently the quickest.  We have a Weekly Dance Party to practice what you are learning in a fun social environment.


Wedding Packages

Make your first dance together as casual or dramatic as you wish. We will choreograph a routine to “your song” for your wedding or simply teach you the basics to feel comfortable on the dance floor.

We can also help you with other Wedding Day dances; Father/Bride, Mother/Groom, Parents Dance or the whole Wedding Party. Ask for special pricing for the additional Private Lessons and/or Private Group Lessons. A Private Group lesson(s) can be a great Thank-you gift your wedding party can enjoy over and over again.

Don’t forget to add dance lessons to your gift registry. Gift Certificates are available in any dollar amount.

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"Gotta Dance Studio is a warm and welcoming environment to learn how to dance. My fiancé and I took a workshop for our upcoming wedding and learned a lot about different dancing techniques. The instructors are enthusiastic and knowledgeable of their dance styles."

− Tara R

"The place is like a second home; it is the only place I'd take lessons at.. You and John have been outstanding, and I cannot imagine a better instructor than John. I'm thankful for every minute I've been there."

− David

"You are such a gracious, graceful blessing – thank you for all you are doing to help others enjoy the beauty of dance!"

− Helen Merriman, Director SD Center for Enterprise Opportunity

"Truly ... I have always loved to dance, but always dreamed of ``dancing like that guy``. I am a tremendously slow learner but, my life has changed ever so positively after nervously walking through the doors of Gotta Dance!!!!"

− Albert

"So fun! It's a beautiful studio, the owner is fantastic. It's the best date night my husband and I have had!"

− Julia

"Taking dance here and loving it! The ballroom sessions have been a lot of fun, and in 6 weeks so far my husband and I have learned so much. Thanks Gotta Dance!"

− Jen

Dance Party Every Friday

You are invited! We have a dance party every Friday night for all of our students and teachers. The pre-party lessons at 7:00pm are split into different level classes. The party is 8:00pm to 10:00pm!!!

Some dress up based on the evening’s theme, others don’t; its your choice. No partner necessary. Singles and couples are welcome!

No Partner, No Problem! We Guarantee you will have a GREAT time!

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