Nathan Cashion – Ballroom Dance Instructor

Nathan will be joining Gotta Dance in July as a Ballroom Dance Instructor for private lessons and group classes. Nathan was a member of the BYU Ballroom Dance Company Touring Team, a Teaching Assistant in the BYU Ballroom Dance Department, he has Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Bar/Star Medals in American Ballroom & Latin, International Latin, International Ballroom.  He was an instructor at the Utah Dance Studio in Salt Lake City and a NCAC Competitor winning 3rd Place American Smooth, National Championships, Provo, UT, 1st Place Professional Rising Star Smooth, San Francisco and 2nd Place Professional Show Dance, People’s Choice Dancesport, Scottsdale, AZ.



John Talley – Country, Swing and Club Dance Instructor

John took his first dance class in 1987. He began dancing competitively in 1998.  John has taken 100s if not 1,000s of hours of private lessons and coaching. He competed Pro/Am with Melissa Sieb, nationally recognized choreographer, coach, judge, performer, and former UCWDC Masters competitor and Patty Mulholland, UCWDC Showcase Division I World Champion. His competitive dance career culminated after winning Gold with Honors, the highest possible rating, in Country Two Step, Night Club Two Step and West Coast Swing at the 2004 Colorado Country Classic Competition in Denver. John continues learning other styles of dance, attends workshops to keep current and teaches Country Two Step, Night Club Two Step, Triple Two Step, West Coast Swing and Hustle  at Gotta Dance. John has been with Gotta Dance since day one!

Peggy Norris – Ballroom, Swing and Club Dance Instructor


Peggy started dancing in 1999 in Northern California, specializing in Smooth, Latin and Swing. In California, she competed in the Smooth dances (Foxtrot, Waltz, Quickstep, American Tango) in the Amateur divisions, and took West Coast Swing les
sons from three-time U.S. Open Winner Michelle Kinkaid. She began teaching in 2007. Since moving to Deadwood in 2009, she keeps current by traveling to Maryland monthly for lessons and coaching. When not dancing, you can find Peggy at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, where she is Deputy Director of Education and Outreach. Peggy has been teaching at Gotta Dance since shortly after we opened in 2012.

Jake Moore – Ballroom and Swing Dance Instructor

Gotta dance Web-230Jake took up dancing in 2007 after meeting a pretty women in a red dress dancing Salsa. He took his first dance class for credit at Bemidji State University where he was a Physics major. He has performed as a dancer at the college and was an instructor at Suzy and Hondo’s School of dance. He is certified to teach bronze level Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz, Cha Cha and Rumba. He learned to dance and to teach dance mainly at the Suzy and Hondo School of Dance in Bemidji, MN. Jake and his new wife moved to Rapid City in 2013. After having their first child and settling into life here in Rapid City he is back to teaching dance. He is often assisted by his beautiful wife, Bridget. Jake has been teaching at Gotta Dance since September 2015.




Becca Myers – Tap Dance Instructor

Rebecca Myers is a Rapid City native, she attended ballet classes at Prima School of Dance for 10 years and continued with them in tap classes for 16 years.  Tap is her passion and she is excited to teach classes at Gotta Dance. Becca has been affiliated with Gotta Dance as a student first and as instructor since October of 2013.






Robert Rainey – Ballet Instructor

Robert has had over twenty years of experience in classical ballet. He danced professionally with State Street Ballet in Santa Barbara, California, touring within the United States and performing on the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Robert also danced professionally with Ballet San Jose in the California Bay Area and toured abroad throughout China. He has trained with Dmitri Kulev, former dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet and student of the distinguished teacher Peter Pestov. Robert has worked with Viktor Kabaniaev, former dancer with the Kirov Ballet and was featured in the documentary First Position; Lise la Cour, former dancer with the Royal Danish Ballet; Michele Gifford, former dancer with New York City Ballet; and Jennifer Kulev, former principal dancer with Pittsburgh Ballet. Robert is offering high quality training of this complex and beautifully inspiring form of dance, classical ballet.

Margo Kaleda – Adult Ballet Instructor

Gotta dance Web-53Like most little girls, Margo began dance at age 5 and fell in love with ballet.  After dancing throughout high school, she returned to ballet after having children and has been dancing ever since.  She was certified in the Merrithew Total Barre Method in April 2014.  Margo has been teaching Ballet 101 and Ballet I at Gotta Dance since 2013.





Ruth Parsons – danceFit / Zumba Instructor

Gotta dance Web-227

Ruth first tried Zumba in September of 2011. She fell completely in love with Zumba’s high evergy workout. She became certified to teach Zumba in Febuary 2012 and began teaching at Gotta Dance in May of 2012. She is now incorporating other dance rhythms in her cardio workouts. “Come join me in the dance!!” Ruth is training to become a partner dance instructor. She is an LPN with Clarkson Health Care System.

Jan Gaffney

Jan Gaffney was a class 1 competitive gymnast when she was young. Jan took her first Zumba class in the spring of 2011 and was hooked! Jan has her certification to teach Basic, Gold and Aqua, Zumba Core, Zumba Toning and Zumba Gold Toning. She has taught for several years at different venues and her passion is Zumba Core and Toning. She looks forward to teaching both young and old by offering a lower impact alternative to Zumba. Jan believes in Zumba Gold. “It is fun, exhilarating, yet low impact class designed for people just like me with previous injuries, arthritis, fibro, or other conditions which restrict high impact exercising. It is for baby boomers, deconditioned (like me!), beginners or anyone who likes good music and wants to have fun! You don’t even realize it’s a workout!”



Sandra Terry ‘Salyiah’ – Fitness Dance Instructor

13045682_10204659866215572_1891782448_nSandra Terry  ‘Salyiah’ –  In the early 1980s Sandy was living in southern California during the gym craze, she worked-out constantly & also took a number of dance classes ranging from modern to jazzercize to tap and then decided that it would be fun to teach aerobics at my workplace.  She taught her co-workers for a number of years & became a certified aerobics instructor.  Sandy moved to Rapid City 23 years ago & hasn’t looked back.  Once here she continued with her work-out routines & then on a whim decided to treat herself to something different that would incorporate beauty, dance & exercise her passion of the last 9 years – belly dance. With Belly Tone she hopes you enjoy the cardio while incorporating a few elements of belly dance.


Bridget Moore – Fitness, Cotillion and Assistant Dance Instructor

Gotta dance Web-230Bridget has taught Ultimate Abs, Basic Abs, Kick boxing, and Hip Hop cardio and is now teaching Step Hop – Extreme Cardio Workout at Gotta Dance. Bridget grew up in a dance family took Cotillion classes in high school (ballroom and dance etiquette) she was in the Swing Club at Bemidji State University where she met her husband, Jake. She and Jake have been dancing ever since! Jake along with Bridget, as his assistant, teach Ballroom, Swing, Cotillion and Prom Prep Classes.