Marilyn Simon

Marilyn Simon, Owner Manager

My Dance Philosophy

I suppose I am a bit of a purest……..let me say this first:  All forms and styles of dance are legitimate.

My goal for Gotta Dance is to provide technically correct dance instruction in Ballroom, Country, Swing and Club styles of social dance. The dances we teach here are standardized, by that I mean we use a syllabus when available and otherwise teach widely recognized steps and technique for each of the dances taught while making every effort to keep up with the evolution of new standards. This means you can go anywhere (other dance studios, dance venues, dance functions) and be able to lead / follow the same dances you are learning here and look good doing it.

We will teach you the mechanics of the dance and you can make it yours. For example, we will teach you East Coast Swing and you can make it fit the bar swing scene or single or double time it to turn it into Jitterbug. You might intermingle your Country Two Step with Swing when in a tight situation on the dance floor.  You could take your Argentine Tango, combine it with West Coast Swing and you’ll have Swango which is a currently popular combination in many larger cities.

The more you know, practice and play, the more fun you will have dancing.


Zumbathon – Studio Cat


Zumbathon is the studio cat, yes, he does live here. He doesn’t much care for downward dog but he loves Shavasana and participates in most classes and the dance parties. He is the official greeter for the studio.

We hope to Build a Dance Community

Social Dancing means Dancing Socially – We teach you to dance well with others.  We have a Dance Party every Friday night for you to practice what you are learning and give you an opportunity to socialize with other like minded people of all ages.

Dancing is something you can do year around and for the rest of your life!  If you can walk, you can dance. So, Get Up! and Let’s Dance!