Upcoming Practice Parties

It doesn’t matter where you take dance lessons or even if you’ve never taken a dance lesson, if you like to or want to dance you are welcome at our Friday Dance Parties. No Partner, No Problem! We Guarantee you will have a GREAT time!

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 September  2017

September 8 – Harry Potter Dance Party – Wear your favorite Gryffindor, Slytherin or other Harry Potter attire and don’t forget your wand. Pottermore Pre party lesson is Waltz with John.

September 15 – 1940’s CasaBlanca Dance Party – “Here’s lookin’ at you kid.”  Women wear elegant beaded gowns with boas to compliment the men, who can wear tuxedos with tails. Don’t be surprised to see a Humphrey Bogart or Joan Crawford look-alike. Come dressed as Humphrey Bogart, who plays Rick Blaine in the classic film. Pre-party dance lesson is Foxtrot with Nathan

September 22 – Autumnal Equinox Dance Party – Wear your Fall colors. John will teach the pre party lesson.

September 29 – Elvis Dance Party – wear your blue suede shoes or poodle skirts, we’ll dance the night away to Elvis hits and others.  Nathan will teach the pre party lesson.

October  2017

October 6 – Friday Night Fever – 70’s Disco Dance Party  If you like the movie “Saturday Night Fever” you will LOVE dancing the Hustle. The Hustle is a fun, smooth partner dance with lots of snaps and posing. Catch some “Friday Night Fever” with our Hustle class at 7:30 and dress up in your favorite 70’s outfit – hot pants, bell bottoms, jump suit, mini skirt, wrap dress or skirt; stay to dance the night away 8:30 – 11:00. John or Peggy will teach the Hustle lesson.

October 13 – Cuban Dance Party – Join us this Friday for our Cuban Dance party! We will play rhythms with a cuban flare to allow you to practice your cuban motion in rumba, cha cha, samba, salsa and and merengue just to name a few. Of course we will throw in some smooth dances for our Ballroom crew and some fun Country dances for our Country crew.  Look forward to seeing you here for a fun night celebrated Cuban style! Mambo is the pre party lesson with Nathan.

October 20 – Buccaneer Ball – Dress as pirates and princesses and enjoy an evening of high jinks and dancing. (think eye patches, bandanas, replica parrot, over the knee boots and 3 corner hats or your version of a princess). Pre party lesson at 7:30 is Pirate’s choice.

October 27 – Masquerade Dance Party –  The stars come out at night in a Venetian Style Masquerade ball.  Mystery and fantasy abound as you dance the night away with…. well…. who knows who?

November  2017

November 3 – Steampunk Dance Party – Steampunk refers to a subgenre of science fiction and sometimes fantasy—also in recent years a fashion and lifestyle movement—that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.   Have fun!!! Pre – party dance lesson is Charleston with TBD.

November 10 – Veteran’s Day Dance Party –  step back in time to a 1940s USO dance party and enjoy an evening dancing to big band music from the era.  World War II-era attire is encouraged but not required.

November 17 – Jungle Dance Party – Safari or It’s a Jungle in Here Dance Party – wear those (faux) leopard, zebra, snakeskin, peacock and other animal prints and let’s have a roaring good time! Pre-party dance lesson is Samba with Peggy.

November 18 – Gotta Dance Fall Showcase

November 24 – Black Friday Dance Party – Dress to impress wear black.

December  2017

December 1 – MOTOWN Party – This Friday we are paying tribute to one of the most influential music genres… MOTOWN! Motown blended the sounds of Rhythm and Blues and Pop music and this Friday we are dancing to the funky beats of this unique style. Join us as we “Get Down, Get Down” and hopefully there “Ain’t No Mountain High enough” to keep you away from this party. Join us at 7:30 for the pre-party group class is West Coast Swing with John and then stay for the party at 8:30 – 11:00.

December 8 –  50’s Sock Hop Dance,  get out your poodle skirt, peddle pushers, big petticoats, guys wear white socks with your pants rolled up (think “Grease”). We’ll play 50’s tunes (plus others). 8:30 – 11:00.  Pre party lesson at 7:30 is Jitterbug with Peggy

December 14 – Naughty or Nice Holiday Dance Party – we’ll be keeping track of who’s been naughty or nice so you better be good (good leads and follows) leading up to this dance party. Wear something that sparkles to distract Santa.

December 21 – Cowboy Country Christmas Dance Party – Let’s celebrate the first day of Winter in style, wear your country holiday best. Pre party lesson is Country Two Step with John

January  2018

January 5 – Starlight Ball – Camera, lights and action for the Golden Age of Hollywood Greats.  Top hats and tails, evening gowns and stoles, flashy jewelry. Pre-party dance lesson is Foxtrot with Peggy

January 12 – Disney Dance Party  – Dress as your favorite Disney Character and we will play some tunes from the movies. Who would like an intro Viennese Waltz?…..it’s fast. Nathan will teach it

January 19 – Motion Accomplished Dance Party –  Motion Accomplished is an action-packed thrill ride into the world of intrigue, secret agents and underworld missions. Pick your favorite secret agent from the movies, history, or even make up your own (think Charlie’s Angels or James Bond). The music will highlight the mystery, allure and intrigue of the high-tech world of covert intelligence. The assignment is to DANCE.  It’s your mission… should you choose to accept it. Join the “Company” and get your code name. Become an Agent of D.A.N.C.E.R. and help save the world as we combat the forces of E.V.I.L.

January 26 – 80’s Dance Party – Celebrate the return of the 80’s with your friends at Gotta Dance! Let us see your best neon colors, big hair, and whatever other 80’s attire you have as we dance the night away to your favorite 80’s hits.

February  2018

February 2 – Groundhog Day Dance Party – 

February 9 – Carnival/Mardi Gras Dance Party – Feel the  warmth of Rio, dress flamboyantly, bright colors, don’t forget the beads. Pre party lesson at 7:30 TBD.

February 16 – Sweetheart’s Dance Party  – Join us as we celebrate this night of romance in the best way… by dancing…of course! We will have great music to dance the night away! So bring chocolates or a rose and of course your sweetheart! pre party lesson is Rumba, Rumba is known as the “dance of love”. It’s small and intimate yet used with a variety of music. Everyone should know Rumba. Join us to learn a few steps this Friday night at 7:30!

February 23 – Bachelor & Bachelorette Ball – Invite your single friends to come as our guests, we’ll have a special dance lesson just for them as a way to get introduced to each other It’s just a dance! (ala ‘It’s just Lunch’) Regular dance party after. Dress to Impress even if you’re not single.

March  2018

March 2 – Super Hero Dance Party – Grab your tights, capes and hero masks and get ready for a party! Pre party lesson is Quick Step with Nathan

March 9 – Roaring Twenties’ Dance Party – The “Great Gatsby” has inspired us to throw a Roaring Twenties’ theme party that Fitzgerald himself would be proud to attend. Put on your flapper dress and time travel back to the Jazz Age. Pre party dance lesson at 7:30 is Charleston with Amelia & Robert.

March 16 – Hellza Poppin Dance Party – beware the Ides of March – bring the luck of the Irish, wear green or dress from the movie “Hellzapoppin” which is from 1941.  Pre-party dance lesson TBD.

March 23 – TBD

March 30 – Bunny Hop Dance Party – we probably will not do the bunny hop but dancing will be great way to start your Easter weekend. Pre party lesson TBD

April  – Downton Abbey Dance Party –  From the socialites to the servants, dress up as your favorite character from Downton Abbey – if you don’t have a favorite character dress from the era 1910 to 1920; 7:30 pre party lesson is Foxtrot with Peggy.

April 20 – Prom Night Dance Party  Dress up in your prom dress if you still have it – with corsages and boutonnieres; pre-party dance lesson at 7:30 is TBD

April 27 – Arbor Day Dance Party – 

Rock the Shamrock Dance Party – It is St Patrick’s Day wear green!  Pre party lesson is Foxtrot to some of Bing Crosby’s Irish Ballads with Peggy.

May 4 – Cinco de Mayo Dance Party – Cinco de Mayo officially commemorates the anniversary of an early victory by Mexican forces over French forces in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. It is not the anniversary of the defeat and expulsion of the French forces by the Mexicans, which occurred in 1867. It is also not, as is often assumed, the day of Mexico’s celebrations of independence, which is actually held on September 16. It is believed that the origins of Cinco de Mayo celebrations lie in the responses of Mexicans living in California in the 1860s to French rule in Mexico at that time. Well here is to those Americans of Mexican decent. We’ll play a few more Salsas just for you. Pre Party lesson is TBD.

June 22 – White Hot Summer Dance Party – Let’s celebrate the beginning of summer. Dress to Impress wear White, Peggy will teach a hot Salsa.

June 29 – Independence Day Dance Party – Start the long weekend out right! Wear Red White and/or Blue in honor of our freedom and we’ll dance the night away. Pre party lesson TBD with John

August 3 – Rally Tally Kick Off Dance Party – How many are coming to this year’s Rally?? Dress in your biker best!

Neutrino Day Dance Party – Dress as your favorite futuristic science fiction character or reminisce about being Trekkies and boldly dancing….. Pre party lesson Cha Cha with Peggy

August 31 – End of Summer Dance Party – Wear White one more time, that’s if you believe you shouldn’t after Labor Day. Pre-party dance lesson TBD

September 2 – Annual Gotta Dance Family Picnic – We’ll provide the hamburgers and hot dogs, please bring a side or desert to share and beverage of choice. Sign up at the front desk with what you’ll bring and pick up directions. It will again be at John & Marilyn’s house near Hill City.


If you have an event that includes dancing, that you would like listed here please let me know.  We are always looking for dance events our students can attend.

*It doesn’t matter where you take dance lessons or even if you’ve never taken a dance lesson, if you like to or want to dance you are welcome at our Friday Dance Parties. No Partner, No Problem! We Guarantee you will have a GREAT time!